Health Tips Honey
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One can enrich his health by means of taking honey in the following practicable ways suggested by health experts.

1) Benefits: Hashmi Honey helps you provide the following benefits associated with the centuries’ long use of honey. Normally honey is taken early in the morning in water (preferably in summer), but can be taken with milk (preferably in water) and other beverages.

2) Obesity:  Two tablespoons of honey with ½ lemon juice; mix with a glass of warm water ½ hour before breakfast for 4-6 weeks or as required. Avoid fatty foods.

3) Gastric Ulcer: Never take honey with water/liquid in case of gastric ulcer. Take 2-3 teaspoons of plain honey 2-3 times a day or as required, do not eat or drink ½ hour before or after.

4) Diarrhoea: Because of its antibiotic properties, honey helps dehydration and control diarrhoea and vomiting. Take 1-2 tablespoon of honey with a bit of salt and lemon juice, drink sip by sip 2-3 times a day or as required. It may easily be digested even by most sensitive stomach. Despite its high acid contents it helps kidneys and intestines to function better.

5) Sore throat:  Honey has powerful antimicrobial properties which can help control sore throat. Take one teaspoon of honey with ½ lemon juice; swallow without water every few hours until symptoms clear up, you may add a pinch of black pepper.

6) Antioxidant: Honey has good antioxidant properties.

7) Energy Booster: Since honey contains vitamins, proteins, minerals and pollens, some amino acids and natural sugars, this is a good tonic for brain and helps bring sound sleep, a source of providing energy to Children and Adults alike and also sports people. Take 2 teaspoons of honey with lukewarm milk regularly at breakfast.

8) Vitality: Since at the age of 40, the body makes some enzymes less, thus following regular use of honey gives an extra strength and helps maintain vitality, good mental and physical health, and strengthen immune system and provides energy to both men and women. Take two tablespoons of honey in a glass of milk and one egg white, mix in a blender and drink early in the morning at least for 30 days or as required.

9) New borns: It is a misconception that honey cannot be given to newly borns, it is well supported in literature that, honey is produced almost in the digested form by the honey bee; therefore it is easily digested and can be given to new borns also.

10) Cuts and wounds: Honey is a natural antiseptic, honey has successfully been employed to treat burns, cuts and wounds, and it heals by killing bacteria in and around the wounds. Honey not only prevents infections by occurring, but it actually accelerates healing of skin. Put honey on the wound (if required, it may be warmed before putting it on the wound), so wounds heal, swelling eases and tissues can grow back. Honey is also good for skin and is safe for sensitive skin, also because of its ability to attract moisture and thus can be easily used as a moisturizing mask for skin. Mix honey with olive oil and apply as a conditioner for hair, wash after sometime. Honey is also effective in treating burns, wounds by applying honey on it. You can keep yourself healthy by taking honey in other countless ways also, in recipes, desserts, meats, salad dressings.
Health Tips Ispaghol
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Stay Healthy with Hashmi Ispaghol So, Daily Lo Fit Raho!
Staying Healthy with Ispaghol (A natural fibre)

1) Never ever peel off your veggies and fruits overly.
Do remember that while eating fruits and vegetables, keep their skin intact and don’t peel them off so vigorously. Because the skin of fruits and vegetables contains extra fibre, the one you get in Hashmi Ispaghol so keep it on. To intake even more nutrients from your favorite fruits and vegetables, eat them raw or in salad form. Overly heating and cooking fruits and vegetables exhaust up some of their fiber treasure you need for staying healthy.

2) Energize your breakfast with Hashmi Ispaghol.
Do promise today that you’ll start every morning not with a cup of coffee but now with a healthy serving of Hashmi Ispaghol to fill your breakfast up and energize you for all the day long. So supple your cabinet with Hashmi Ispaghol (rich in fibre). Add even more fiber to these healthy diet choices by topping Hashmi Ispaghol on fruit saladsand trifles. Add fresh blueberries, raspberries, or sliced bananas to your glass of Hashmi Ispaghol with coldwater, and enjoy as a summer drink.

3) Raid on beans in you kitchen for treasure of fiber:
For your knowledge dry beans and pulses have abundance of soluble fibre to add to your diet. They are rich in proteins and are known as best replacement of a meat.

4) “Color me”; said your Dinning Table.
 Make sure that your family is getting full colors of nutrients in their daily diet. Because dietary experts found many nutrients as pigments also, adding colorful fruits and vegetables to your cuisine means you’re also increasing your intake of powerful, disease-fighting antioxidants.

5) Are you eating a smart snack?
Always ask your kids to choose high-fibre, nutritious snacks in all supermarkets your family visits. Choose low-fat microwave popcorn, or roasted nuts when you are striving for something salty snacks. Wash and cut carrots, peppers, and raw sweet potatoes for a crunchy snack rather than fatty potato fries which your kid can’t think of skipping.

6) Request a healthy option.
 When you're dining out, ask if you can substitute vegetables or fruit for the fries or chips that normally accompany your combo deal. At some fast-food chains esp. Italian ones, you can even ask to replace the fries on your salad with fibre-rich roasted nuts or dried fruits. Don't be afraid to ask for a sprinkle of Hashmi Ispaghol, the customer is always right!

7) Supplement with Hashmi Ispaghol.
To ensure that you are reaching all of your fibre goals every day, supplement your breakfast with Hashmi Ispaghol. Choose Hashmi Ispaghol as part of your daily routine, sprinkle Hashmi Ispaghol onto the foods you are already eating. Or else sprinkle some Hashmi Ispaghol over your favorite flavor ice cream as best-ever snowy topping. Tastes amazing when it’s esp. a vanilla.

8) Ask more for Water:

The day you increase your fibre intake by choosing Hashmi Ispaghol, don't forget to drink more water, also. Like fibre, water is an important regulator of the digestive system. Swallow your Hashmi Ispaghol down with a refreshing glass of boiled water and you'll be all well on your way to digestive health.
Health Tips Eye Care
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Eyes are the most precious gift of the nature & its liable to all to protect this precious gift by applying the following TIPS as are follows:
  • Protect Eyes from glittering objects, glare of sun & high illuminations and high temperatures.

  • Avoid reading in moving vehicle.

  • Wash your Eyes with fresh water in the morning while opening and closing your eyes, repeat the same few times during the day.

  • Look at the far objects while standing at some high place.

  • Preferable early morning bare foot walk on grass is good for sight, during this look at far objects while stopping for a few minutes.

  • If late night reading or Table work is involved, there should be adequate light on the object and not on your Eyes; the light should either come from side or from the back.

  • Avoid reading while lying; one should always have a good posture for reading or working.

  • Eyes becomes very tired and feel hot in people involved in too much reading, students, office goers, table work, Garment Factory workers, computer users or too much viewing of T.V, it is necessary that after every 15 - 20 minutes of continuous work take a break for a minute or two & stretch your neck and shoulders to relieve stress and slowly swing your head to your left and right while looking at the distant objects, this will relieve stress from your eyes and head and will not only tone up muscles around your neck but will also tone up muscles of your eyes resulting in relieving pressure from your eyes and thus results in maintaining good eyesight. In case of continuous work for longer periods, it is advisable to walk around 30 - 40 steps so as to relax your body muscles.

  • Take proper diet. Use plenty of green vegetables at meals and food rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C and vitamin D, Fennel seed (Saunf) and Carrots are rich in vitamin A and are good for eyesight.

  • Some people believe that Kohl (Surma) should be used to ‘Sick eyes’ only, this perception is absolutely wrong. Kohl should be used regularly as prophylaxis especially at bedtime, and its regular use should be developed as a healthy habit. This practice keeps the eyes clean & healthy and also protects the eyesight.

  • The use of Kohl should be taught to the kids right from their childhood so as to prevent stress on sight, as these days children are spending more hours sitting at PC or watching TV etc. Hashmi Kohls are prepared from very selective medicaments of Marine, Mineral and Herbal origin of which few examples are Pearls, Coral & Coral Reefs, Gem Stones (like Ruby, Emerald, Turquoise, Cornellion), Zinc oxide, Silver Leaves, may also contain Gold Leaves, Amorphous Black, and herbs like Mamira (Coptis Root), Saffron (Crocus Sativus Linneaus), Chaksoo (Cassia absus) & Neem (Melia Azadiracta indica) etc. The medicinal values of each ingredient mentioned above are well supported in literature for Herbal Medicines.

  • Remember! Never use ordinary Kohl available in the market usually made of substandard materials prepared unscientifically and unhygenically, containing grit and irritants and made without any control on quality, resulting in uncomfortable particle sizes. These substandard preparations if applied may cause water running from the eyes which may feel normal to some people, but this is not so as this may lead to adverse effects on the eyes and eyesight.

  • An ideal Kohl preparation must have evenly divided particle size free from grit this is a very important factor, an ideal Kohl preparation should have the most compatible particle size evenly distributed through out the preparations so when such Kohl is applied one may not feel any discomfort.

  • Not to use any irritants, every Kohl preparation should be free from irritants so as not cause any discharge on application. The preparation should be Isotonic with the lachrymal fluid of the Eye.

  • Hashmi Kohls are prepared from centuries old time tested formulations having definite therapeutic values, Hashmi Kohl preparations are prepared on most modern high tech machines taking utmost care right from the selection and quality check of ingredients up to its processing and packing. Our quality assurance department keeps a close check on Quality Assurance through out the manufacturing process in our well-equipped laboratory. Our continuous Research & Development programmers with the assistance of qualified experts continuously working for the improvement of quality of our products and development of new products / formulations in order to meet the challenge of Today & Tomorrow.

  • Regular application of a finely ground Kohl (Surma) preparations having evenly divided particles to healthy eyes gives the following benefits:

    A) Clean & Sparkling Eyes: Regular use of Kohl will keep the eyes clean from dust and pollution to which your eyes are exposed to during the day. It should be noted that after application of Surma at bedtime, in the morning we may find some particles with Kohl collected at the corners of the eyes, this is all the dirt and dust particles & airborne substances which the Kohl has collected and this all is washed away while we wash our face, leaving our eyes clean and sparkling.

    B) Ultra Violet Rays (UVR) Protection: Hashmi Kohl preparations contain some very selective ingredients which have a property of protection from UV Rays, a natural way for UV protection.

    C) Healthy Eyes: The incorporation of high quality unique ingredients of definite therapeutic values having properties of supplying nutrients to the cells, healing properties, toning of muscles, maintain proper nerve & muscle functions, antioxidant, strengthening eyesight, thus resulting in the maintenance of healthy eyes and eyesight.

    D) Relaxation from stress: Too much continuous use of your eyes makes them feel hot and tired, but regular use of a good quality of Kohl with finest quality of selected ingredients having refrigerant properties to cool and relax your eyes, thus easing out all the stress of a hectic day
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