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  Eye Care Products
Eye care has been the legacy of Mohammad Hashim Tajir Surma since 1794. Our herbal eye-care products have been serving the suffering, dull and blurred visions and providing them a wholesome new vivid world of clarity and sharpness enabling the vision to stand against blurred, near and far sightedness and other eye ailments while keeping your eyes look healthier, younger and brighter for years. With Hashmi’s versatile range of eye-care products you will be compelled to drop your spectacles and see the distant objects with prudence and precision in vision. We cater to all our customers indiscriminately with quality natural products just made by our R&D to deliver all-in-one and one-in-all hassle-free solution for giving extra care to your eyes. Hashmi eye care products will help you see near, far and everywhere in-between without constraints, with continuous use of our eye care range you’ll significantly reduce your need of reading glasses and other scientific aids.
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