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The word Kohl is derived from the language “Arabic”. Kohl (Surma) is defined as an ultra-fine powder which is applied to eyes with confidence all around the globe whether it is black in color, white, red or grey etc. Kohls have enjoyed a position as a heritage of ancient civilizations for soothing, cleaning the eyes and to keep them look healthier, brighter, beautiful and protected from various eye ailments.

A quality class of Kohl like Hashmi Kohls are well-ground class of Kohls, prepared from simple Kohl stone when applied to the eyes, keeps the eyes clean, rejuvenated and well protected from dust and bacteria invading your precious eyes by virtue of its three principal attributes i.e. Astringent, Adsorptive and Oligodynaic action, besides this the modern research in the filed of Pharmacopoeia has revealed that smearing eyes with a quality brand of Kohl protects the eyes from the glare of the sun and thus protecting the eyes from UV radiations naturally.
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Ctn Size
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Hashmi Surma Special 12 gms 50 Doz 19.00 13.16 31 x 10 x 16 79 x 25 x 40  380 760 860
Hashmi Surmi Special 4.5 gm 50 Doz 15.50 13.16 31 x 10 x 16 79 x 25 x 40  380 760 860
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