Hashmi Kohls and Kajal are indiscriminately applauded by all women around the world because of itsstinct quality with immaculate results paralleled to other European and American leading brands of Kohl.

Whether it’s a ritual festival of Dragon in China or a Diwali in India or an Eid festival, Hashmi Kohls and Kajal are inevitably a part of every woman’s make-over. From traditions across the globewomen of all continents had been perpetually alluring masculine fraternity from their dark smoky eyes-fully rimmed and immersed in Kajal and Kohls.

So whether the occasion is a New Year’s party, the first day of school, or as simple as a friendly gathering, girls cannot leave their rooms without the presence of Kohl or Kajal in their eyes. Women might forget wearing those matching bangles or applying their pink nail polish, but without enhancing their eyes with Kohl and Kajal their feminine essence seems incomplete.
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