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  HASHMI Rose water (Arq-e-gulab) Dropper
Rose water (Arq-e-Gulab) is highly recommended anonymously for its therapeutic properties by all systems of medicine and is being used from ancient times to give a cooling effect and protection to eyes & body, a tonic for heart, liver and brain. Modern science is also endorsing the above said efficacies of Arq-e-Gulab.

Regular use of Hashmi Arq-e-Gulab helps clean, moisturize, protects from conjunctivitis, effects of extreme weather conditions, dust, dirt, smoke and makes your eyes feel fresh and cool.
   Hashmi Rose Water
Rose Water is a distilled light-weight liquid extracted from Rose Damascena, which is one of the finest species of Rose for myriad therapeutic purposes. Hashmi Arq-e-Gulab is a resident of splendorful rose gardens having owned in it the nature’s cocooned benefits for a better face complexion, tender-looking and bright eyes with overall toned skin. Rose Water is a natural refreshing and purifying tonic for eyes and skin as well, it purifies and refreshes the skin. Hashmi Rose Water is a miraculous invention of the modern Pharmacopoeia that sinks in eyes and on skin gently and cleanses, soothes chapped skin, rashes over the skin and tone up your complexion.
Majority of world’s top cosmetologists prescribe Rose Water for achieving skin’s pH balance, whilst removing impurities, dust particles and for conditioning face leaving it fresh, purified, blemish-free.
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